The birth of kindness kidz

It all started in 2018 when my Dad asked me a simple question, “Do your kids ever do fundraisers?” As soon as he said that, my mind flashed back to being a little girl from the North side of Pittsburgh, in the 80’s. I remembered always having something to sell for my school or sports teams. We had forms for candy/food around every holiday. We sold endless raffle tickets. At Christmas time, we even had to carry around a huge white cardboard suitcase, filled with “samples” to sell/take orders. I remember my Dad always having raffle tickets for anything and everything in his jacket pocket. No matter where we went, he always pulled out a book of tickets to help raise money for the school, sports teams, and community. This money paid for uniforms/jackets/tournaments/all sports equipment. Kids only had to show up with shoes and or mitt for the sports that they played. Our Catholic school, St. Leo, was made up of mostly lower middle class families and no kid was ever turned away from playing a sport due to lack of funds. The St. Leo family, adults & kids, exemplified the true meaning of hustle, appreciation, and kindness.
Fast forward to 2019, I now have my own kids who are in need of all of the same things, only on a different economic level in a whole different world. Kids don’t sell anything anymore, parents just write checks or swipe a card. In this day and age, people rarely use cash anymore. With the lack of cash transactions, kids are losing the valuable lesson of money. These days, kids have so much more “Things and Stuff.” Long gone are the days of getting gifts only on special holidays or your birthday. Kids now get things because they “Need it” on a Thursday. We live in a microwave world, where we need the most, we need the best, and we need it now. It is not healthy. I am seeing the greed in my own kids and those all around. I feel embarrassed, it’s out of control, and it needs to change yesterday.
I have spoken to countless parents and I am not alone when I say that the lack of appreciation from our kids is heartbreaking. One of my favorite quotes is by Mahatma Gandhi “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” I truly feel a calling to be that change. It’s time that kids learn to be appreciative, to give back, and to be kind. The world right now isn’t the best teacher for the job.
It’s time to put the technology away and play with a’s time to give back and appreciate all that we have... it’s time to fill the world with an abundance of kindness...
I created kindness kidz to become a family business. It’s important to me that we all run this together, including our kids. This is a kids’ business and who knows what kids love better than kids? Jamey is the left side of the brain, in the operation, which I am lacking. I operate under creative types, we just have one big right brain.  It is time for kindness kidz to be the change that we want to see in the world.
We hope that you will join us in spreading kindness and playing with a purpose!
Skylar * Connie& Jamey * Hunter


$35/ticket includes 2 hrs creative party  every person receives a framed certificate of kindness with a collectible kindness coin attached * plus $10 for every ticket goes toward a local nonprofit of choice 

PRIVATE EVENT: Ex Kidz Birthday party/Fundraiser 
** kids will have to "sell" tickets to their party to unleash their inner entrepreneur! $35/ticket includes 2 hrs creative party of choice * every person receives a certificate of kindness with a collectible kindness coin attached * plus $5 for every ticket is donated to a nonprofit of your choice, on your behalf "Timmy Jones 10th Birthday party" * AND ** $5 of every ticket goes back to the party host as a collective gift ex: 20 kids at the party $100 for non profit $100 for the child! 
(Private parties-parents are responsible for venue/food/drink etc) 
PRIVATE EVENT: Ex Kidz Fundraiser
SAME as birthday party but $10 goes to the charity of choice

"Playing with a Purpose" is a 2 hr event of your choice(indoor/outdoor events)
* Painting on canvas parties ( regular or black light)
* Upcycling/painting on recycled bottles with cork light parties (regular or black light)
*Board games/Non technology games
*Basketball game/mini camp
*Wiffle ball game
*Kickball game
and more to come!!


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