Yes, I am down and the fact that you are here, you are looking for a bit more info in order to be down. Take a seat, class is in session.

Well, excuse me while I clear my throat so that I can shout this from the rooftops, CBD CHANGED MY LIFE, and if you have a body, it will change yours too!!

Nope, not just any kind of CBD that is being sold anywhere and everywhere. You buy steakums in gas stations, not filet mignon, therefore, you won't get top notch CBD at gas stations or even drug stores. There are so many phonies out there taking your money and handing you a bottle of fillers. I only deal with top shelf companies and Hempworx/My Daily Choice is the filet mignon of this industry.  In fact, it's one of only 13  companies that has the seal of authenticity in this industry. It is the company that I rep with my heart and soul. This company has life changing products and I know first hand. They have changed me. In the largest transfer of health and wealth, this company is the ONLY company that you need.

At the end of 2018, I found this company, it didn't find me. I wanted to align myself with a company in the "Green Rush," that was kicking ass and talking names with products and a compensation plan. I tried the products for a month or so and found myself in love. The CBD made me feel that I could handle whatever life had thrown at me. Being a type A, the world was going to end every day that I didn't accomplish my to -do list.  A few drops of CBD under my tongue made me feel like life was manageable. I felt like I could smile and laugh again, no matter what my To Do list looked like. I was a new person. I am a drinker, I love my wine and beer. When I drop CBD under my tongue a few times a day, I don't feel the need to drink to cope. For anyone that knows me, will be very surprised to learn that!

The sister company to Hempworx is called, My Daily Choice"MDC". MDC has a line of nutritional sprays that have also changed me. Their spray BOOST, eliminated my 2 can a day energy drink habit. The SLEEP turns my mind wheels off, allows me to deep sleep and wake up refreshed. The Trim 365 has  suppressed my appetite to the point that I had to remind myself to eat. There are also a few more sprays. We have a FB testimonial page of all the life altering things happening to people. I can't believe the results.

When I found that I couldn't talk to anyone without spewing my love for their CDB and nutritional sprays, it was then I knew that I had to start looking into the business side. After I learned that this company is paying people 8 different ways for just sharing their stories, I wanted to be part of that payday!  No sales experience is needed. When you share with people how much these products have changed you, they will want to know more. It's that easy.

There is so much more for you to learn, so taking a a free tour of behind the scenes will do the job! 

Take the free tour, watch the video and look a look at the comp plan. When you are done, we will chat again.

Don't hesitate....The time is now...This is the end of the rainbow that we all have been searching...



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